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Flexcharge Accessories and Special Stock

There are several accessories and parts that relate to our controllers and the alternative energy field.  We will sometimes list special unusual and excess stock here. 

It is usually best to contact us for further explanations of the items and to find out how to buy. Contact Us


We have several sizes and styles of diodes to be used as Blocking Diodes.

 Our 8 amp 45 volt Schottky Diodes are sold in pairs in a package with instructions.  Use with a solar panel where the maximum amperage output is 8 amps or less.   This is the kit that was sold by West Marine for us.    Direct sale cost to you $8.00 per kit  Contact Us


We sell the 6 amp 1000 volt diodes individually in bulk.  For up to 10 amp panels use 2 in parallel.  The 1000 volt rating gives the diode a high level of protection where high voltage surges are common.  Your direct cost is $2.50 each.   Contact Us



SAE plugs and cords for connecting solar panels, and other low voltage accessories. Including a panel mount SAE plug for bulkhead mounting. Contact Us


 Terminals We have a large supply of unused 2 hole terminal strips left from production. These terminals will accept up to #8 wire and are made with stainless steel metal parts for corrosion protection.  $1.00 each  Contact Us